BMW e30 wiper arm grommet bushing cap replacement

Wiper Arm Caps / Grommets

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BMW Wiper Arm Caps:

Replace your faded and cracked wiper arm caps with new Genuine OEM BMW replacement parts.


These individually wrapped in BMW inventory bags.

Save $2.00 when you buy a pair (2)


FITMENT: All E30 and E28 models


Wiper Arm Grommet:

Wiper Arm Grommet


If you have floppy, sloppy or droopy windshield wiper arms then this is rubber bushing likely needs to be replaced. Rubber exposed to the elements and UV rays will oxidize and break down over time.


Replacement takes 5 minutes by simply removing the old grommet bushing with a pick tool and popping the new one in place. There are quantity (2) per vehicle. Purchase as a single or pair.


This part is OEM BMW for exact specification fitment. Buy with confidence


Fittment:All E9, E10, E21, E30, E12, E28, E24, E23, E38 models.