BMW blue toolkit polishing cloth

BMW Toolkit Polishing Cloth


This is a replica of the iconic blue BMW toolkit polishing cloth of OEM BMW part number 71111115810 which has been out of production by BMW since 2003.


Luckily, we sell high-quality replicas. This is a soft, fleece-like, fabric with the BMW logo screen printed on it in the blue color just like the originals. Most original toolkit polishing cloths are lost, stained, torn, or thrown out by now. If you want to complete your toolkit you need to purchase this cloth for your vehicle.


The original toolkit cloth was delivered from BMW for the following chassis: E21, E30, E36, E12, E28, E34, E39, E32, E38, E31 and Z3.


Perfect to show off at car meets, use as a practical cloth for roadside emergencies, oil fills, etc.


The cloth measures 14 x 14 inches square (35 x 35 cm).