BMW Motive Power bleeder sale

Motive Power Bleeder

  • Bleed your BMW brakes in under 10 minutes, alone.  You do not need two people to bleed your brakes anymore.  This is safer and more effective than having someone pump your brakes because you are not overextending the break pedal.

  • Pressurize your brake reservoir from the outside.

  • Been using this tool for over 10 years, best kept secret for bleeding your brakes.

  • This is a must have product in your garage.



  • Heavy duty 2 quart pressure tank holds enough fluid to do complete flush & bleed.
  • Built-in hand pump (no other pressure source is needed)
  • Precision pressure gauge ensures safe and effective operation.
  • Tested for compatibility with both standard and synthetic hydraulic fluids.
  • Fits all BMWs
    $74.99 Regular Price
    $54.99Sale Price