Frequently asked questions

Why is international shipping so expensive?

Shipping prices are calculated in real time based off of weight of the order and distance. Global shippers such as FEDex and UPS charge high amounts because these carriers are able to track the item from the time the label is printed to the time the package is delivered to your door. When a non international carrier, such as USPS, is used the tracking number is ONLY valid until the order enters your country. Once the package passes customs, your local carrier takes over the delivery and uses their own, internal tracking number. Thus, complete tracability from the the sender to the receive cannot be validated. This is why these rates are cheaper. They are not gaurenteed to be tracked once it enters you country.

What is included with domestic USA shipping?

All domesitc orders are typically shipped the same day or next business day. We strive to offer the quickets shipping and handling times as well as excellent communication with the buyer after the order is placed. All domestic packages orders will receive a USPS tracking number. This excludes decal or sticker orders where the items are shipped in a standard envelope with a postage stamp. This helps cuts down on your shipping cost.

Shipping rates are calculated in real time based off of total package weight and distance from our location in Georgia.

Can I trust the quality of parts sold here?

All parts for sale on this site are used and tested by BIMMERtips. Buy with confidence and know that you are receiving a high quality product worthy of installation or use on your pride and joy. We do not settle for inferior parts and only select only the best quality parts to be installed ensuring safety, longevity and maintaining driving excellence for your BMW.

Are the BMW vintage ads poster size?

No, these are original print magazine ads and as a result, standard magazine page size. Our hand picked selection of vintage magazine ads are original to the year they were printed. These are not reproducitons. The quality is near mint conditional with little to no signs of bent corners, wrinkles, creases or water spots. Approximate sizes are a standard magazine page, but as magazine page sizes varied with magazine publication as well as year of print, these ads may require a custom matte size if you intend to frame the ad. We highly suggesting framing these and proudly displaying BMW marketing of the finest driving machines in automotive history. This preserves the original "art" and can be appreciated by the masses.